Pair of proposed promotional typographic posters for Westworld: The Maze, a voice game for Amazon Alexa.

At the center of each poster is the vitruvian host, which served as the show's key visual for season 1. And within that structure constructed from the same material as the containing ring is the base of the maze from the show. Surrounding the center is a buildout of a solvable maze (with the goal of reaching the center, like in the show) with four main points of entry that contains the overall title of the game.

The black and white color theme comes from the iconic title sequences of Westworld. Season one is represented with the pale 3D printing fluid used in the creation of the hosts, while the inky black background with a strong light source at the center draws its inspiration from the rather darker titles for season 2. The overall maze structure is consistent through both executions.

The base maze and bevels were created in illustrator. All shading, lighting, texturing, etc was done in photoshop.

• • •

Client: HBO
Role: Design, Typography, Illustration, Retouching

Chief Creative Officer: Menno Kluin
Executive Creative Directors: Sam Shepherd, Frank Cartagena
Creative Directors: Doug Murray, Andrew Hunter
Design Director: Brian Gartside

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