Limited edition cookies, packaging, and launch film commemorating the final season of HBO's Game of Thrones

As part of the #ForTheThrone campaign, I had the opportunity to design a set of limited edition cookies and corresponding packaging for an HBO/OREO collaboration. There are four cookies with custom embossments, each representing one of the primary factions/houses still in the hunt for the Iron Throne at the beginning of season 8. Houses Stark, Targaryen, and Lannister are represented with their animal sigils, while the white walkers are represented by the face of the Night King.

The packaging itself represents a number of firsts for Oreo. The first time they've allowed the use of a co-branded logo in their packaging, the first time they've done a pack with a matte finish, and the first time they've metallized areas of a pack. 4.3 million packs were made and distributed in the weeks leading up to the Season 8 premiere, making it one of the largest limited editions Oreo has done.

I was also highly involved in the production of the launch film for the campaign, where we recreated the original title sequence of Game of Thrones, but with the whole of Westeros constructed with Oreo cookies and cream. To do this, we worked directly with Elastic, the studio responsible for the original title sequence. The sequence uses approximately 3000 cookies, featuring each custom house embossment in their respective castles, with a Night King easter egg cookie hidden somewhere in the film.

• • •

Client: HBO, OREO
Role: Design

Chief Creative Officer: Menno Kluin
Executive Creative Directors: WeiWei Dong, Piper Hickman
Design Director: Brian Gartside
Associate Creative Directors: Casey Espinoza, Eleni Georgeou
Freelance Creative Directors: Tobias Carlson, Jonas Wittenmark
Executive Producer: Carly Salaman
Producer: Adrienne Darnell
Photographer: Ben Rosenzweig
Retoucher: James Lavery

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