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For the season finale of “His Dark Materials,” 360i partnered with HBO to bring the show to life in an authentic way for enthusiastic followers. We tapped sculptor Kate MacDowell to craft one-of-a-kind “personal daemons” in ghostly white porcelain, which were hand-delivered to select super fans in a beautifully carved and highly detailed wooden box.

In designing the box, we drew inspiration from the show’s “alethiometer” (symbol reader) which itself draws inspiration from early navigation tools, and incorporated custom illustrations of each animal that we were assigning as personal daemons. Custom blackletter type adorns the front panel and top edges of the box, hinting at what's inside and also alluding to the source material in a way that feels deep, and authentic to superfans.

• • •

Client: HBO
Agency: 360i
CCO: Menno Kluin
ECD: Sam Shepherd, Frank Cartagena
Creative Director: Andrew Hunter, Doug Murray
Art Director: Sarah Arrington
Senior Copywriter: Dany Rothemund
Design Director: Brian Gartside
Designer, Illustrator: Sophia Del Plato
Producer: Adrienne Darnell
Production Supervisor: John Kinsella

Sculptures by Kate MacDowell,
Photographs by Benjamin Bouchet
Box engraving and construction by Big Secret Studio